For anglers

Huge chub, ide, the sum is the river attraction for fishermen. On the flood you can fish on the bream, roach, pike and large perch. In lakes there are mainly large bream and roach - you can attempt to break records. In the summer there are a lot of perches. Large eel will be a reward for nighttime hunters.



For those who decide for this form of holiday, we have our canoes - these boats are ideal for this purpose. Easily can two adults and their luggage accommodate,a tent and fishing rods. Comfortable benches will allow to spend long hours on the water. Their design allows for quiet maneuvering - not creak any oarlocks, lightweight paddle is not knocking on the bottom or sides. It is an ideal unit for fishing in shallow, coastal fisheries. We will advise you where to go to effectively fish and enjoy the peace and pleasures of our surroundings. Guests can use almost unlimited choice of fishery - dozens of small and several large lakes. Some of them are linked by rivers and streams. Drawa is the largest of them, and also the most attractive for fishing.



This offer is for groups of fishermen who will appreciate the atmosphere of shared fishing and a note of competition.

Overnight summer houses 4 - 6 people: 50 zł / per person
Overnight in your own tent: 20 zł /per person
Boats: 50 zł / day
Lure fishing grounds: 45 zł / fishery / day
Transport up to 8 people: 2 zł / km
Meals: 55 zł / day

- A two-day event for a minimum of 8 people. Price 159 zł / per person. Price includes accommodation in tents, and boat transportation.
- Two and a half day event in Gudowo, for groups of minimum 4 people (Friday evening - Sunday). Price 199zł. Price includes accommodation in summer houses, water transportation for pre-baited fishing grounds, earlier, triple lure of some fisheries in the lake.
- Two and a half day event in Gudowo, for groups of minimum 4 people (Friday evening - Sunday). Price 189zł. Price includes accommodation in summer houses, rental boats, earlier lure of some fisheries.
- An event for families. Boat and baited fishing grounds, are guarantee for the fishermen. Bike trip to collect mushrooms and berries and a tour around the lake will enjoy other family members. We also offer accommodation and full board. Individual Price.

We are at your disposal and we can also arrange other forms of active recreation.