For rafting, we recommend our canoes, which are characterized by remarkable stability, enforcing security. The hull shape provides high capacity, speed and agility. Special construction of buoyancy chambers, provides security even after a capsize. In the rental we provide canoes for two, three or four people, which are ideal for tourists rafting, especially through the river, where the equipment is more vulnerable to damage. With a double canoe buoyancy chambers is unsinkable, which is particularly important when children are involved in rafting.



Our canoes have very comfortable and weaved benches, which provide comfort on long routes and during the canoeing in wet clothes. Canoe is designed mainly to be comfortable. Here you can keep the legs in an upright position, slightly bent, you can stand up to stretch, you can also lie down, while by passing the tree branches, sticking out from the water.


Canoe logo branded by Jermak

Our boats are mostly built by our boat builders. Canoe kayaks are larger than, but still much lighter. This effect, obtained during their construction, by using the stronger materials with very high quality and durability. Canoe through its construction, behaves very well in overcoming the lakes during crosswinds - they keep good course and there is no need to struggle with them. It remains a pleasure to overcome the lake, with paddle in your hand..