Tavern at Yermak’s resort

The Tavern provides training and catering facilities of the marina. A two-storey building reminds an overturned boat, which gives it a sailing charm. In contrast to the existing restaurants in the area where regional specialities are served, we focused on exotic cuisine. Our Chef - a native Nepalese - certified chef of Japanese, Thai, Indian, Arab, European and Chinese cousine, that guarantees that the exotic dishes served in Tavern are the highest quality. He also prepares delicious European dishes and most recently is specializing in traditional Polish cousine as well.

On the first floor rooms which are ideal for training, presentations and demonstrations for about 30-40 people are located.


Summer houses

We are offering accommodation in high standard summer houses. Each house is a comfortable place for 4-5 people and is suitable for all weather conditions. The house has a lounge with fireplace, balcony, bathroom, kitchen, TV, radio, fully equipped kitchen and barbecue.



Fenced and illuminated camping is located on the shores of lake Lubie, surrounded by forests of Drawsko Lake District. Available to guests are: guarded around the clock parking, volleyball court, picnic place, fireplace, playground, clean beach with a pier, a fishing marina, power supply, showers and toilets.


Beach with platforms


At the marina a clean beach with floating platforms is located.


Space for recreation


At the marina there is a beach volleyball court, and a mini playground for children. Plants and fruit trees, green areas, sound of water and the sounds of waters hum, allow to break from the city hustle and bustle.


Rental of water equipment

Our unsinkable canoes are ideal for nearby rivers and lakes. They are suitable for both amateurs and professionals, who will find something for themselves - from the tranquil waters of the river Drawa to more difficult routes. Our equipment combines quality, comfort and convenience. For small fees you can rent a canoe, we deliver them to the place, and also we organize canoeing trips full of adventures.

We also rent yachts. You can choose from units with an open deck, such as Omega or cabin yachts. And for the younger sailors we have Optimist and Cadet. Renting a yacht, requires a sailing license, but for guests without permission we provide qualified sailing instructor. We recommend a short school for children - this could be the beginning of the great sailing adventure for life.

For fishermen at Lubie lake and other waters we have several fishing boats with transport.


Our barbecue by the lake.


A new, unique element of infrastructure, which we would like to introduce to you this season. By the lake you can order grilled delicacies, prepared in advance by our chef. We would like to invite you to take an advantage of this offer.




For our guests we provide a place at illuminated and guarded around the clock car park.