Location area

Geographical location of the marina at Yermak’s resort:


N 53° 29' 15'' & E 15° 51' 50''

N 53.488109 & E 15.864193


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Lakeland Drawsko


Not without a reason, our area is called a better version of Masuria. Beautiful, clean places with many wildlife parks, unique in Europe species of plants, wild animals on every trail and more importantly UNREPEATABLE LAKES. Are you canoeing sympathizer? Sailing? Fishing? Do you love hiking or cycling tours in extraordinary places of nature? Or maybe would you prefer to spend your free time in a place that is charming, quiet and full of attractions with your family? If so, then here you will find your paradise.
The Grand Lakes Drawsko are waiting for you!



Gudowo, Drawa and Lubie Lake.


Gudowo is a small village with unique atmosphere situated on the banks of one of the most beautiful lakes in our region: Lubie Lake. The surrounding forests are rich in mushrooms and rare fauna and flora species. Part of Drawa river, which flows from the lake Lubie to the bridge on the way Kalisz Pomorski - Drawsko Pomorskie is the most interesting and the most virgin fragment of water route. The Lubie lake is over 1,400 acres of waters, which are numerous in pike, bream, perch and zander. The fans of active tourism will be interested in the fact that in Gudowo there arenumerous attractive tourist routes like: the canoe trail Fr. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, green, walking trail "drawskie lakes, bicycle trail "around the Lubie lake", or bicycle trail "valley of the river Drawa."



Drawa, one of the most beautiful canoe trails.


Drawa flows through the unique land Drawsko Landscape, Drawa National Park, and Europe's largest military training ground called polygon in Drawsko. It's the only one Polish lowland river, which in its course has more than 20 km section of a mountain river, where seasoned paddlers can measure their strength . Drawa flows through picturesque landscape Drawsko Lake District, and ends its course below Krzyż falling directly into Noteć. The waters of the river Drawa have the first class of purity.

Rafting through Drawa waters is a real adventure. On its shores you can enjoy the numerous, more than century old, hydro-technical structures, which function to this day. Many of you will be delighted because of a great, wild and very unspoiled nature.

On the route you can find 450-year-old oaks and 300-year-old beech trees, which has trunk circumference of up to 5 m. You can find the plants which are protected like liliaceae spider, orchid, wolf laurel bark or chamedafne north. Among the many species of animals and birds there are such specimens as white-tailed eagle, black stork, wood grouse, pond turtles, beaver and otter.



Canoeing through the river will provide you with many unforgettable memories.

Drawa flows through many lakes - including second-deep in Poland

- Drawsko lake (depth to 84 m) and is connected with many smaller rivers.

This river was known as a rafting trail since the interwar period. Many times by this route the priest Karol Wojtyla sailed, in whose the honor of this trail has been named.